Treatment of diseases of the spine and joints with innovative method MIBRAR®

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A revolutionary method in neurosurgery and orthopedics

  • How to avoid prosthetics of the spine and joints without extensive surgery and anesthesia?
  • How to operate several joints at once in one operation?
  • How to do it yourself immediately after a complex spinal surgery go home?
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What is MIBRAR?

MIBRAR® - Microinvasive Biological Regenerative Autologous Reconstruction
The MIBRAR® method was developed by Professor, Honorary Doctor International Academy of Education Prof. Babayan and since 2013 successfully used in Germany for the treatment of the most difficult diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

The MIBRAR® method is based on the ability inherent in nature tissues of the human body to self-healing (regeneration). Developed by Prof. Babayan complex of full -fledged micro-invasive surgical techniques and usage autologous regenerative concentrates allow you to run natural biological processes of recovery and reconstruct damaged as a result of diseases and injuries the structures of the body.
  • Areas of effective application of the method MIBRAR

  • Spine
    Osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernias and protrusions, stenoses, etc.
  • Knee joint
    Synovitis, arthrosis, ruptures of cruciate ligaments, etc.
  • Carpal joint
    Deforming osteoarthritis, etc.
  • Hip joint
    Coxarthrosis, necrosis, etc.
  • Shoulder and elbow joints
    Bursitis, tendinitis, etc.

Get rid of discomfort and pain


Repair damaged structures


Stop the development of degenerative processes


Avoid disability and improve quality of life

Basic principles MIBRAR®

  • Microinvasive approach

    Micro-invasive intervention is performed without an incision through a small puncture. Maximum accuracy of access to damaged structures are provided by the developed and patented Prof. Babayan navigation operating system Cyber Navi Hand and specially created for these purposes micro-dimensional endoscopes, epiduroscopes, arthroscopes and instruments.
    The absence of extensive incisions allows for treatment outpatient, without general anesthesia, provides high efficiency of regenerative concentrates and fast repair of damaged tissues, reduces to a minimum the recovery period and allows the patient to save physical activity.

  • Biological processes

    The natural biological processes of the human body do not imply the use of synthetic drugs and materials. Regenerative concentrates contain only the patient's own cells and his biologically active substances. In the process of obtaining concentrates are not used no chemical components that are foreign to the body.

  • Reconstructive effect

    Implantation of autologous regenerative concentrates, containing mesenchymal stem cells, autologous growth factors and cytokines, triggers in damaged tissues natural recovery processes, due to which reconstruction of the destroyed structures is taking place. In parallel with renewal of articular cartilage, intervertebral discs, ligaments, muscle and bone pain disappear, joints and spine return lost functions.
    In many cases, MIBRAR® eliminates the need for classic extensive operations.

Autologous concentrates

The MIB RAR method uses two types of autologous regenerative concentrates:

  • CGF - plasma

    This is plasma enriched with growth factors, anti-inflammatory factors and platelets, "extracted" from the patient's own venous blood.

    Biological properties of CGF concentrate that are provided by the "direct" action of plasma factors, factors growth, cytokines and CD 34+ cells are:

    • Decongestant
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Painkillers
    • Antibacterial

    The result of the "indirect" action of CGF concentrate are:

    • Transmitting a signal to the body's own structures and launching production of growth factors and cytokines directly in the damaged area;
    • The introduction of new stem cells into the damaged tissue.
  • Lipogems®

    Lipogems® – concentrate obtained from the patient's adipose tissue, which contains a high concentration of lipogenic, regenerative substances.

    As studies show, adipose tissue contains 1000 times more mesenchymal stem cells than bone marrow. It is mesenchymal stem cells that are able to "transform" into cells of damaged tissues and thereby start the process regeneration of damaged structures.

    Technology for obtaining mesenchymal cells from adipose tissue Lipogems®:

    • Patented in 2010 and clinically available since 2013
    • It is used in more than 15,000 patients worldwide in orthopedics
    • It is effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis
    • It is used for damage to the articular and intervertebral cartilage, ligaments, tendons and muscles
    • 100% safe

    The Lipogems® method was included in the list of the 11 best in 2016 sports medical technologies of the world – Sports Medicine Technology Awards. This annual award is given to doctors, creating innovative, the most reliable and practical technologies for the treatment of a wide variety of injuries musculoskeletal system.

Stages of micro-invasive intervention by the method MIBRAR

  • 01
    Operation planning

    Micro-invasive operations are characterized by a high degree of difficulties and require precision punctures and manipulation control. Especially for MIBRAR®, leading German engineers have developed an innovative technical device for targeted navigation– Cyber-Navi-Hand™.

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    At first , everything is entered into a special computer program X-ray images of the patient in 3D DICOM format. The program analyzes them, "studies" all anatomical features of the patient, selects tools that can to ensure optimal access to the damaged during the operation fabrics. With the help of high-tech software providing a surgeon can perform a virtual intervention, starting with a puncture and ending with the introduction of regenerative concentrates.

  • 02
    Obtaining regenerative concentrates

    MIBRAR® uses only freshly prepared "pure" autologous regenerative concentrates, without additional synthetic additives or biological foreign impurities. All equipment (centrifuges and separators) is specially developed for the production of regenerative concentrates and it has a special mode of destruction of cancer cells.

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    Autologous regenerative CGF Concentrate

    Regenerative CGF concentrate is obtained from venous blood the patient. In fact, this is a biopreparation of the patient's blood plasma, containing high concentrations of growth factors, cytokines and mesenchymal stem cells (CD34+).

    CGF Concentrate production process
    Venous blood sampling

    - Blood from the vein is obtained in the usual way using a syringe and they are placed in special labeled test tubes (up to 8 pieces).

    Blood centrifugation

    - In a medical laboratory, test tubes with blood are placed in special centrifuges with antistatic and antimagnetic properties controlled by temperature modes, capacities acceleration and deceleration, the option of destroying cancer cells during separation. These centrifuges are fundamentally they differ from conventional devices that are used in biochemical laboratories. They have a special class a tolerance that allows the resulting concentrate to be injected into the human body with therapeutic purposes.

    Autologous regenerative concentrate LIPOGEMS

    LIPOGEMS regenerative concentrate is a separator with especially a high concentration of lipogenic stem cells obtained from the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the patient.

    The process of obtaining LIPOGEMS concentrate

    Obtaining the patient's adipose tissue by liposuction through a small puncture of the skin of the anterior abdominal wall under the local anesthesia. In the process of taking the patient 's adipose tissue , do not no chemical additives are used - only saline solution.
    Separation of the obtained adipose tissue in the LIPOGEMS system and obtaining a concentrate of mesenchymal stem cells with compliance with the conditions of strict sterility.

  • 03
    Operation planning and control

    After the patient is placed on the operating table, with the help of X-ray equipment, the C-arc is performed a series of pictures. The Cyber-Navi-Hand™ program combines the received pictures with those that were taken earlier, and adapts virtual operation plan to the patient's real position in the moment.

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    Images are evaluated in all details and three-dimensional perspective. This allows you to very accurately calculate the optimal the patient's position, select the necessary tools and make an up-to-date and clear plan of the operation.

    After the program processes all the information, Cyber Navi Hand is activated. His tube is in motion and it is located directly above the operating surface. Manipulations of the surgical instrument are controlled with the accuracy of the angle is up to 1 degree and the depth is up to 1 millimeter. This prevents damage to healthy tissues during surgery. In addition, there is no need for numerous control X-rays, which are usually taken in during the operation. This minimizes the dose of X-ray radiation exposure and reduces the intervention time.

  • 04
    Course of intervention

    With microinvasive intervention using the MIBRAR® method micro-dimensional endoscopes, epiduroscopes are used, high-resolution arthroscopes. Size of operational inputs does not exceed 0.3-1.5 mm, which is comparable to a normal injection an injection syringe. As a result, the integrity of the tissues it recovers within a few hours.

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    If during the operation the usual the instrumentation and associated tissue damage would be more substantial, concentrates would be forced to "work" only for wound healing.

    The Cyber Navi Hand™ navigation system provides a visual control and precise passage of the surgical instrument to the most inaccessible structures. Sometimes additionally Sono Control Arm™ ultrasonic scanner is used.

    Studies have shown that stem cells and growth factors regenerative concentrates when injected into the human body they strive first of all to get to where they are needed, then there are those fabrics that need priority recovery. Making microscopic entrances to damaged structures, the surgeon "marks" the place in which simultaneously biologically active substances of regenerative concentrate.

    No more doctor's involvement is required. Regeneration process it is launched, and the body begins to engage in its recovery by yourself.

    As a rule, within a few days in patients significantly pain decreases and disappears. And after 8-16 weeks , it is observed complete regeneration of damaged body structures.

The result of treatment using the MIBRAR method

Cervical spine:
Cervical spine:
Cervical spine:
Knee joint:
Knee joint:
Lumbar spine:
Lumbar spine:
Hip joint:

Patient reviews

Herniated disc and degeneration of the intervertebral disc

Advantages of the method

  • MIBRAR® covers up to 95% of the spectrum of all interventions spinal neurosurgery and orthopedics.

  • Treatment is carried out purposefully and on an outpatient basis. At the same time there are no large incisions.

  • It is used to treat patients regardless of the general health conditions, intolerance to general anesthesia, predisposition to drug allergies, the presence of oncological diseases.

  • MIBRAR® is used without age restrictions, regeneration occurs at any age, even in the elderly.

  • Regenerative concentrates have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which provides fast improvement of the patient's condition.

  • The intervention can be carried out simultaneously on several structures, for example, on several intervertebral discs or on several joints.

  • After treatment, you do not need to use auxiliary means movement (crutches, bandages) or special rehabilitation measures.

  • The result of treatment is evaluated by ultrasound, radiography, CT or MRI 8-16 weeks after the intervention.


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